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Does your parking solution cost you money? Is your process automated and efficient or manual and fraught with problems? Secom’s technology, products and software solutions give you the ability to automate your system, collect more revenue and reduce employment costs.

What are the benefits of automated entry and exit lanes?

  • Customer satisfaction: No more lane backups that cause frustration among drivers.

  • Traffic flow management: Eliminate vehicles backing up on the street and instead get them into your garage quicker.

  • Revenue control: When you use an automated central cashier system, the attendant doesn’t touch the money, so there’s no issue with error, theft or reporting discrepancies.

  • Employment savings: Removing attendants from the exit lanes save about $30,000 per year per attendant. In a 24/7 operation that translates to $135,000 per lane, per year. Your return on investment can be realized in less than four months.

Need even more reasons Secom’s software is the right solution for you?

Leave an Audit Trail

The Secom 030 Server system documents all lane and system activity, retains information on every ticket taken, including when it received validations, when it was processed, when it was cashiered, when the transaction was cancelled, when the ticket reappeared, what transactions happened in the meantime, and if any other autos were able to exit between transactions.

Receive hourly summaries or cumulative activity reports. All documentation is permanently logged in the system’s hard-drive and handed off to a relational database for further analysis.

Safe and Secure

No need to worry about hackers on our system. Secom does more than write a parking revenue or security application that resides on an open platform; we write the operating system as well. While others systems using Windows-based products are slow to reboot, the Secom system resets instantly if there’s ever a need to take it down or there’s an interruption of power.

Powerful Reporting Tools

Detailed activity reports can be generated on an as-needed basis or set up to run on a regular reporting schedule. Select either direct reporting from the Secom System or the easy-to-use DataView single-screen query builder. Charts, graphs and variance information can be formatted using standard word processing and spreadsheet tools.